Saturday, January 19, 2008

Ice Skating Update

Well, I was hoping to post pictures of my little guy in his ice skates trying to stand up on the ice.......but Sam took him for his first lesson and it was cancelled because of a high-school hockey tournament the rink had scheduled! (Talk about disappointing a 3 year old........ we woke Zach up and he jumped out of bed literally ready to go he was so excited ..... he ate his breakfast in the car....and he couldn't even get on the ice!) Major bummer!!

Funny story, though ..... They had to leave about 7:30 (they told me to be there by 8:00 so we could register and the class started at 8:30) ... and the girls were --- amazingly enough --- not up yet. When they finally woke up around 8:00 the first thing they asked was "where's Zachy" .... they then proceeded to look for him (in his room, by the TV, out the window) and they continued to ask "where's Zachy" for the next hour. Talk about separation anxiety! I thought that was sweet, though....they sure do love their big brother and they are obviously not used to him doing things without them. However, it was nice for Mommy, after we ate breakfast, the three girls snuggled on the couch with a book and (of course) one of their favorite TV shows on. We don't usually get "girl time" .... Zach usually likes to cut in on any snuggling if I am trying to cuddle with the girls (can we say jealous, LOL).
Have a good night!



PS: Exciting news .... it's snowing here!! Yippee!!! We're "supposed" to get 3-5 inches .... which from what I'm told LITERALLY shuts the city down ... I can't wait to let the kids play in it if that's what happens overnight. They loved standing at the window watching it fall ... I don't really miss the cold & the snow ... but I am excited for ONE snow day since I haven't seen it in so long! :)

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