Sunday, December 9, 2007

Yard work....

Ok, when we moved in here in January, we knew there were lots of trees. However, there were no we didn't *really* anticipate the yard work. (Well, maybe Sam did...but I didn't know this is what he signed me up for, trust me!!) <-- smile!!! WHEW, is all I have to say. 21 bags of leaves later, and we're not even halfway done.

Here's some pictures of the kids "helping" out....

Not the greatest picture of the three of them, but Addison is adorable here.

Note that Addison has enough hair for pig tails but Avery, unfortunately, doesn't...

Another cute one of Addie and Avery ... Zach's in his own world, lol!

Chasing the neighbor's dog.... (they want a puppy, Daddy!!!)

There we go Zach! Handsome boy!!!

Throwing the leaves on top of Sissy is always fun

Helping daddy fill the bags

Pouty face...

Hope you all had a good weekend.......we'll catch you next week!


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