Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ok it is virtually impossible (seriously) to get our kids to all look the same way at the same time for a picture. This is probably the reason we've never taken them all to get their pictures taken together. This is about the best Halloween photos we could do ... hopefully by next year they will sit still. (Probably not.)

The kids had a blast trick-or-treating with our neighbor's and friend's kids: Brody (hot-wheels racer), Seth (small tigger), Abby (Michigan cheerleader) and Joseph (big tigger.) Not pictured: Emily (Abby's sister) who was also a Michigan cheerleader. They had fun, but I have to say.....Zachary has SOMMMMME nerve! He apparently (I didn't see this, thank goodness) opened a family's door who didn't answer when he rang the bell. And if that wasn't embarassing enough, he blew out the candle in every pumpkin that he could. Oh and he asked for more than one piece of candy. Well, he didn't exactly ask. Give me one more was more like it. Maybe by next year we will have instilled some manners in this child (heehee!)

The girls had fun, but it only took them a couple houses to get tired out, and then we had crabby pirates on our hands. I took them back home and answered the door until Daddy and Zach came back. When we got the girls to bed, we sat outside with Zach in the front yard (mind you, Sam was in shorts!) and handed out candy. Apparently Zach must have caught on to some of the manners we were trying to teach him about "trick-or-treating" because when a kid came to our house and Zach gave him/her the candy and they turned to walk away - Zach would blurt out "say thank you!" HOW EMBARASSING!

We're stuck with about 7 pounds of candy (seriously.) Some of this is going over to our neighbor, Jen, because she advised us we would need A LOT of candy. Apparently trick-or-treaters were busy doing other things this year because we have three JUMBO bags of candy left, and we weren't stingy when they came to the door!!

Hope you all had fun and enjoyed the evening!

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