Monday, September 10, 2007


- Liquor needed to make Flykiller martinis for many people $80.00
- 4 Tickets to the Dolphins Game $400.00

- Seeing my husband do this:


As you can see, we went to the Redskins / Dolphins game on Sunday. We started tailgating....ahem, 9:00 AM. (Oh boy!) Sam mixed up so many "flykiller" martinis for everyone in our group ---- plus any other Dolphin fan who walked by and asked for one, his arm is literally SORE (too funny!!) As you can tell in the above picture he reverted to his fraternity days with one of our neighboring tailgaters (of course his sweet and innocent wife egged him on to do it, and I have to tell you all ... the neighboring tailgaters were like 21 ... and they were completely in awe of how fast Sam did it .... lol....he must have gotten lots of practice at college!!) And as most of you know Sam like I do...he's calmed down a lot since his college seeing him do this was hysterical!!

The tickets were actually free - they were my company seats and they were awesome ... 45 yard line, 12 rows up on the Dolphins side. Sam was in heaven!

Here are some other pictures:

As you can probably tell, we had a great time even though the Dolphins lost! The Redskin fans are a class act (most of them anyway) and it was great fun bantering back and forth with them on every play.

We went to the Orioles vs. Red Sox game for my company picnic the night before and the O's won! (It was amazing...soon to be last place O's slaughtered the Red Sox - and even hit a grand slam!!) I have to say, though, being a Cubs fan we've never seen anything quite like this game. There were literally thousands and thousands of Red Sox fans there. I guess the Cubs tickets aren't as easy to come by but I have never seen so much opposing color at ANY sporting event.

FYI, in case you're wondering what a "flykiller" martini is..... Sam and I had stayed at the Renaissance hotel in DC for work awhile back, and Sam ordered this martini that was called the "50th state" at the hotel bar. This martini was DELICIOUS and it tasted like you should be lying on the beach somewhere. So we asked the bartender how to make it (recipe to follow) and we made them at home. The first time we made them, a fly was in the kitchen and it flew into Sam's mom's "50th state" martini. It died instantly. From then on, we've dubbed it the "flykiller". If you want to try to make one:

  • 2 ounces (2 shot glasses) of Captain Morgan Parrot Bay (coconut ) rum
  • 1 ounce of Midori (green melon liqueur)
  • 1 ounce of Banana liqueur
  • splash of pineapple juice
  • Cherries

Shake in a martini shaker for a couple minutes, serve ice cold in a martini glass....add the cherry last. Be prepared to drink more than one!!! YUM! ! !

Have a great night everyone!!!


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