Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's just a spider!

Well, everyone, this is my first official BLOG. I hope you find this a fun way for us to keep in touch with you and let you know what is going on with the kids.

I thought for my first official entry, I'd introduce you all to a little lady who I like to refer to as Charlotte. Yes, as in Web.

This apparently is a run of the mill "garden spider" that made it's home on our front porch. Garden spiders are not poisionous - but they do have fangs and if you get bitten (which I've read is rare) they suggest getting medical attention. (Ya think?!) She lived there for about 2 weeks and spun these enormous, beautiful (if a web can be considered beautiful) webs. We had a storm the other night and it must have knocked her down so she built a new home near our garage. Sam thought she was too close to getting inside, and at a level that the babies could reach, so he .... disposed of her. With a broom. (Meanie!!!) The zig zag down the middle is apparently a way for her to strengthen her web as well as give birds and other animals a visual that it's there (so they don't get tangled and mess up her work!) I was oddly facinated by this spider. (Probably because it moved slow, and just stayed put!) Let me also add: This spider may look small in this picture, but was at least 6 inches long.

This is our first official experience with Virginia wildlife - oh, except for Sam running into a bear cub on a hike through the dismal swamp the other day ---- he quicky retreated and went the other way with the thought that Momma was somewhere near.

I'll update this BLOG periodically, so if you want to sign up for it, you're welcome to do so. Please post comments - we'd love to hear from everyone!


TheAkersFamily said...

Nice to see you bloggin'! I LOVE catching up with all my friends on a regular basis... it reminds me when I as in high school and used to talk on the phone with my friends every night about practically nothing, even though we saw each other at school every day!

tONI said...

Sam and the blog idea I had never heard of it!!! Most of all ove the fact that no matter how busy you are you find the time to find creative ways to stay connected with all of us with photo albums etc.... I cant seem to find the time to figure out how do do it but you are inspiring me to get started!!! By the way I love Charlotte....Sam you are a real meanie!!!!!!
Much love to all of you

LORI said...

Rach, you did good woman...I don;t think I could do that although i love to talk and type just the same....good work...keep it up and as far as Zach and his not sleeping THAT BLOWS and I woudl just be really serious towards him that THIS HAS TO STOP!!! you have to get some good sleep you'll go batty if you haven't already!